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Systemology has developed a range of client support options to suit virtually any requirement.

Post-Project Support
Systemology includes a warranty period on all projects. Many clients also request an additional period of ongoing support. This can be structured to cover any time period and a choice of support services.

The support options available within post-project support includes the following:

  • Application support. This covers anything from handling application bug issues through to the vendor, or configuration related issues.
  • Configuration changes. Implement any configuration changes that may be requested.
  • How-to support. Respond to requests on how to use the application, make BAU configuration changes etc.

Managed Services
Systemology provides a comprehensive managed service which allows the client to no longer keep application subject matter experts on its payroll; staff can be directed to other higher value activities.

The structure of our managed service is flexible and can contain any of the following:

  • Application uptime. Systemology will perform routine reviews of the application and supporting infrastructure. Monthly reports are provided regarding performance and potential issues.
  • Emergency response. Systemology will respond to application issues and work to remediate and restore operation. Options are available regarding business hours and after hours support.
  • Adhoc professional services. Systemology will perform adhoc configuration and customisation of the system on request to meet changing business requirements.
  • Fitness reviews. Systemology will perform periodic reviews of how the client team is using the application and underlying processes. Recommendations are provided regarding emerging issues and opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Service Packs
Clients purchase blocks of professional service hours which can then be used as required on any related area. Service packs do not have an expiry date so provide clients with a flexible way to purchase services when budget is available, then use them when its suits the business.